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Blackburneus Schmidt 1913
Blackburneus Schmidt 1913: 137.

Blackburneus aegrotus (Horn)
Blackburneus (s.l.) rubeolus (Palisot
de Beauvois
Blackburneus tenuistriatus (Horn)
Photos by P. Skelley.
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Aphodiinae Overview

Aphodiinae Key

Aphodiini Key

Type species. Aphodius furcatus Schmidt 1909: 10, by subsequent designation.


Diagnosis. Body length 3.0-5.0 mm, elongate, somewhat flattened, usually reddish or golden brown. Head smooth. Clypeus lacking teeth; dorsal surface variably setose. Elytra lacking humeral denticle. Protibia with dorsal surface punctate.

Distribution. Afrotropical (?), Oriental (?), New World.
Composition. Worldwide, Blackburneus contains approximately 66 species, 23 of which occur in the New World.

Blackburneus aegrotus (Horn 1870: 127) [Aphodius], SE-USA.
                  = Aphodius campestris Blatchley 1912: 330, E-USA.
Blackburneus argentinensis (Schmidt 1909: 101) [Aphodius], Argentina, Uruguay.
Blackburneus caracaensis (Petrovitz 1970: 228) [Aphodius], Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela.
                  = Aphodius brasilicola Balthasar 1971: 60.
Blackburneus cavidomus (Brown 1927: 167) [Aphodius], TX-OK-USA.
Blackburneus charmionus (Bates 1887: 89) [Aphodius], Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica.
Blackburneus cynomysi (Brown 1927: 166) [Aphodius], KS-OK-TX-USA.
Blackburneus diminutus (Bates 1887: 89) [Aphodius], Guatemala, El Salvador.
Blackburneus erythrinus (Bates 1887: 89) [Aphodius], Panama.
Blackburneus fordi (Gordon 1974: 455) [Aphodius], GA,FL-USA.
Blackburneus furcatus (Schmidt 1909: 10) [Aphodius], Brazil.
Blackburneus geomysi (Cartwright 1939: 356) [Aphodius], SE-US
Blackburneus guatemalensis (Bates 1887: 88) [Aphodius], Mexico to Panama.
                  = Aphodius guatemalensis ab. chiriquinus Bates 1887: 89.
                  = Aphodius guatemalensis ab. scotinus Bates 1887: 89.
                  = Aphodius striatipennis Petrovitz 1962: 111.
Blackburneus indio (Petrovitz 1973: 143) [Aphodius], Brazil, Bolivia?
Blackburneus laxepunctatus (Schmdit 1910: 356) [Aphodius], Brazil, Argentina, French Guiana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela.
Blackburneus lentus (Horn 1870: 125) [Aphodius], Ont-Canada, ND, TX, NC-USA.
Blackburneus richteri (Schmidt 1911: 21) [Aphodius], Argentina, Bolivia.
Blackburneus (s.l.) rubeolus (Palisot de Beauvois 1805: 90) [Aphodius], Canada, USA, Mexico.
                  = Aphodius copronomys Melsheimer 1844: 136.
Blackburneus saylorea (Robinson 1940) [Aphodius]: 147, AZ-USA, Mexico?
Blackburneus (s.l.) saylori (Hinton 1934: 192) [Aphodius], Mexico.                 
Blackburneus stercorosus (Melsheimer 1844: 136) [Aphodius], SE-Canada, E-USA.
Blackburneus tenuistriatus (Horn 1887: 60) [Aphodius], LA-TX-NM-USA.
Blackburneus troglodytes (Hubbard 1894: 312) [Aphodius], SC-FL-MS-USA.
Blackburneus xanthus (Bates 1887: 90) [Aphodius], Panama.
Life History. Many are often collected at light. Others come frequently to dung baited pitfall traps, which implies they are surface generalists as adults. A few are rodent or tortoise burrow specialists. Most seem to prefer sandy substrates, and may be detritivores.
Larvae. The larvae of B. stercorosus and B. troglodytes are described in Ritcher (1966).

Dellacasa, M., R.D.Gordon, and G. Dellacasa. 2002. Aphodiinae described or recorded by Bates in Biologia Centrali-Americana (Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea: Aphodiidae). Acta Zoologica Mexicana 86: 155-223. [partial key to Central American species]        
Gordon, R. D., and P. E. Skelley. 2007. A monograph of the Aphodiini inhabiting the United States and Canada (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 79: 580 pp.
Ritcher, P.O. 1966. White grubs and their allies: A study of North American scarabaeoid larvae. Oregon State University Press, Corvallis, Oregon. Studies in Entomology 4: 219 pp.
Skelley, P. E., M. Dellacasa, G. Dellacasa, and R. D. Gordon. 2007. Checklist of the Aphodiini of Mexico, Central and South America (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Insecta Mundi 0014: 1-14.

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Author: Paul Skelley

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