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Rhysothorax Bedel 1911
Rhysothorax Bedel 1911: 93.

Rhysothorax rufus (Fabicius)
Photo by P. Skelley.
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Aphodiinae Overview
Aphodiinae Key
Aegialiini Key
Type species. Scarabaeus rufa Fabricius 1792: 39, by monotypy.
  = Anomalaegialia Brown 1931: 15. Type species: Aegialia spissipes LeConte 1878: 611, by monotypy.

Diagnosis. Body length 3.6-5.5 mm, elongate, robust; reddish brown. Terminal segment of maxillary palpus widened at basal third. Pronotum with basal line indistinct or lacking.


Distribution. Palearctic; boreal North America.


Composition. Worldwide, Rhysothorax contains a single species which also occur in the New World.

Rhysothorax rufus
(Fabicius 1792: 39) [Scarabaeus], Europe, northern North America (introduced?)
                  = Scarabaeus sabuleti var $ Paykull 1798: 27.
                  = Aegialia spissipes LeConte 1878: 611.
                  = Aegialia (Rhysothorax) rufina Silfverberg 1977: 91, (see ICZN 1998: 54).
                  = Monthon arnoldii Medvedev 1951: 546.
                  = Aegialia spissa LeConte, misspelling in Schmidt 1912: 7.


Life History. Some specimens were recently collected in sandy areas near bodies of water.


Larvae. Unknown.


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Author: Paul Skelley

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