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Caelius Lewis 1895
Caelius Lewis 1895: 381-382.

Caelius montanus (Brown)
Photo by P. Skelley.
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Aphodiinae Overview
Aphodiinae Key
Aegialiini Key
Type species. Caelius denticollis Lewis 1895: 382, by monotypy.
  = Leptaegialia Brown 1931: 32, Type species: Aegialia humeralis Bown 1931: 13, by original designation.

Diagnosis. Body length 3.4-5.2 mm, elongate, parallel-sided, reddish-brown; posterior lateral margin of pronotum not eroded, lack teeth. Elytral humerus with denticle. Apical metatibial spurs separated by base of metatarsus.


Distribution. Japan and western North America.


Composition. World wide, Caelius contains 5 species, which includes the 4 North American species.

Caelius browni (Saylor 1934: 34) [Aegialia], CA,OR-USA.
Caelius humeralis (Brown 1931: 13) [Aegialia], NE-USA, SE-Canada.
Caelius montanus (Brown 1931: 14) [Aegialia], W-USA, SW-Canada.
Caelius rufescens (Horn 1887: 100) [Aegialia], S. Canada, N. USA.
            = Aegialia rufa LeConte 1878: 610 [not Scarabaeus rufus Fabricius 1792: 39].


Life History. The little collection information available indicate members of Caelius may live in boreal or montane leaf litter, some near streams.


Larvae. Unknown.


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Author: Paul Skelley

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