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Argeremazus Stebnicka and Dellacasa, 2004
Argeremazus Stebnicka and Dellacasa, 2004: 75

Argeremazus neuquen Stebnicka
and Dellacasa
Photo by P. Skelley
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Type species. Argeremazus neuquen Stebnicka and Dellacasa 2004: 76-77, by original designation.


Diagnosis. Body length 3.0-3.2 mm, robustly elongate, brown. Head surface and lateral body margins distinctly setose. Pronotal and elytral surface lacking setae. Protibia with 2 prominent lateral teeth. Metatibia weakly dilated at apex; metatibial spurs located close together, medial of tarsal insertion, which does not articulate between the spurs.


Distribution. Argentina.


Composition. Argeremazus contains a single species.
Argeremazus neuquen Stebnicka and Dellacasa 2004: 67-77, Argentina.


Life History. Biological and collection data on Argeremazus are unavailable. However, the localities where they were collected are areas with sand dunes. They are suspected to be psammophilous.


Larvae. Unknown.


Status of Classification. The placement of Argeremazus in Aegialiinae is considered tenuous. It is kept in the Aegialiinae pending further study of additional specimens.


Stebnicka, Z. T., and M. Dellacasa. 2004. In: Stebnicka, Z. T., M. Dellacasa, and P. E. Skelley. 2004. Review of the New World Aegialiini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae), with the description of two new genera from South America. Insecta Mundi [2003] 17(1-2): 73-83.

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Author: Paul Skelley

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