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Aegialia Latreille, 1807
Aegialia Latreille, 1807: 96.

Aegialia argentina Martínez, Pereira, and Vulcano.
Aegialia spinosa Gordon
and Cartwright
Photos by P. Skelley.
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Aphodiinae Overview
Aphodiinae Key
Aegialiini Key

Type species. Scarabaeus arenarius Fabricius 1787: 11, by monotypy.

Subgenus Aegialia Latreille 1807: 96. Type species. Scarabaeus arenaria Fabricius 1787: 11, by monotypy.
Subgenus Psammoporus Thomson 1863: 72. Type species: Scarabaeus sabuleti Panzer 1797: 37, by monotypy.
  = Dimalia Mulsant and Rey 1871: 606. Type species: Scarabaeus sabuleti Panzer 1797: 37, by monotypy.

Diagnosis. Body length 3.2-6.0 mm, reddish-brown to black, moderately to strongly globose. Terminal segment of maxillary palpus cylindrical. Metatibia and tarsus shortened and broad. Elytra glabrous. Elytral humerus not dentate. Abdominal sterna not narrowed medially.


Distribution. Holarctic, one southern South American.


Composition. Worldwide, Aegialia contains 44 species, including the 27 North American species and the single South American species.

Aegialia (Aegialia) amplipunctata Gordon and Cartwright 1988: 20, ND-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) argentina Martinez, Pereira, and Vulcano 1970: 336, Argentina.
Aegialia (Aegialia) arenaria (Fabricius 1787: 11) [Scarabaeus], Europe, NE-USA and SE-Canada (introduced).
                  = Scarabaeus globosus Kugelann 1792: 514.
Aegialia (Aegialia) blanchardi Horn 1887: 99, E/W-USA, Quebec/BC-Canada.
Aegialia (Aegialia) carri Gordon and Cartwright 1988: 15, Alberta-Canada.
Aegialia (Aegialia) cartwrighti Stebnicka 1977: 454, SC-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) concinna Gordon and Cartwright 1977: 48, CA-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) conferta Horn 1871: 293, USA, S-Canada.
Aegialia (Aegialia) convexa Fall 1932: 183, CA-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) crassa LeConte 1857: 42, SE BC-Canada to Baja California.
                  = Aegialia (Aegialia) insularis Brown 1931: 49.
Aegialia (Aegialia) crescenta Gordon and Cartwright 1977: 45, NV-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) hardyi Gordon and Cartwright 1977: 47, NV-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) kelsoi Gordon and Cartwright 1988: 24, SW-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) knighti Gordon and Rust 1997: 168, NV-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) latispina LeConte 1878: 611, W-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) magnifica Gordon and Cartwright 1977: 43, NV-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) mcclevei Gordon 1990: 271, AZ-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) nigrella Brown 1931: 47, CA-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) opifex Horn 1887: 104, NE-USA, SE-Canada.
Aegialia (Aegialia) punctata Brown 1931: 25, Baja California-Mexico, W-USA.
Aegialia (Aegialia) spinosa Gordon and Cartwright 1988: 25, W-USA.
Aegialia (Psammoporus) criddlei Brown 1931: 42, S-Canada, AK,WZ-USA.
Aegialia (Psammoporus) cylindrica (Eschscholtz 1822: 11) [Psammodius], AK to CA-USA.
Aegialia (Psammoporus) exaratus Mannerheim 1853: 219, ?Nearctic [incertae sedis, see Stebnicka 1977: 487].
Aegialia (Psammoporus) lacustris LeConte 1850: 225, N/W-USA, AK-USA, Canada.
Aegialia (Psammoporus) nana Brown 1931: 19, SE-Canada, NE-USA.
Aegialia (Psammoporus) opaca Brown 1931: 17, NW-USA, S W-Canada.
Aegialia (Psammoporus) terminalis Brown 1931: 18, S. Canada, AK/N-USA.


Life History. Adults and larvae of Aegialia species appear to be primarily psammophiles, living on stream deposited sand bars, wind deposited sand dunes, sea-side dunes, or at least in very sandy substrates.They are most frequently collected by sifting debris in these habitats. Some habits are discussed in Gordon and Cartwright (1988), Jerath and Ritcher (1959), and Rust and Hanks (1982).


Larvae. The larvae of A. blanchardi and A. lactustris have been most recently discussed by Ritcher (1966).


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