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(Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea)

M.J. Paulsen
(After Paulsen 2007)

Cucochodaeus sparsus (LeConte)
Photo by M.J. Paulsen.


Nearctic Ochodaeidae

CHAETOCANTHINAE, Scholtz in Scholtz et al.1988: 231
  Pseudochodaeus Carlson & Ritcher, 1801: 254 info  
    Pseudochodaeus estriatus Schaeffer, 1906: 271 (Ochodaeus) USA: CA, OR.
OCHODAEINAE Mulsant & Rey, 1871: 236
  Codocera Eschscholtz, 1821: 398 info
    syn. Stomphax Fischer von Waldheim, 1823: 158  
    Codocera gnatho (Fall in Fall & Cockerell, 1907: 247) (Ochodaeus) USA: CA, AZ, NM; northern Mexico.
      syn. Ochodaeus nimius Fall in Fall & Cockerell, 1907: 248
  Cucochodaeus Paulsen, 2007: 9 info  
    Cucochodaeus sparsus (LeConte, 1868: 51) (Ochodaeus) Western USA, northern Mexico.
       syn. Ochodaeus mandibularis Linell, 1896: 723
  Neochodaeus Nikolajev, 1995: 77
    Neochodaeus frontalis (LeConte, 1863: 76) Southeastern USA; northeastern Mexico.
       syn. Ochodaeus complex LeConte, 1868: 51
    Neochodaeus praesidii (Bates, 1887: 106) Southwestern USA; Mexico.
    Neochodaeus repandus (Fall, 1909: 36) Southwestern USA; northern Mexico.
    Neochodaeus striatus (LeConte, 1854: 222) Southwestern USA; northern Mexico.
  Parochodaeus Nikolajev, 1995: 77
    Parochodaeus biarmatus (LeConte, 1868: 51) Southwestern USA; northern Mexico.
    Parochodaeus californicus (Horn, 1895: 224) USA: CA.
    Parochodaeus howdeni (Carlson, 1975: 60) USA: TX; northern Mexico.
    Parochodaeus inarmatus (Schaeffer, 1906: 270) Southwestern USA; northern Mexico.
    Parochodaeus duplex (LeConte, 1868: 51) Southwestern and central USA; northern Mexico.
      syn. Ochodaeus kansanus Fall, 1909: 34  
    Parochodaeus pectoralis (LeConte, 1868: 51) Southwestern USA; northern Mexico.
    Parochodaeus peninsularis (Horn, 1895: 224) USA: southern CA; Mexico: Baja.
    Parochodaeus pixius Paulsen 2011: 2 USA: TX.
    Parochodaeus ritcheri (Carlson, 1975: 62) USA: TX; northern Mexico.
  Xenochodaeus Paulsen, 2007: 3
    Xenochodaeus americanus (Westwood, 1852: 66) (Ochodaeus) Central USA; south-central Canada.
      syn. Ochodaeus opacus LeConte, 1868: 51  
Xenochodaeus luscinus (Howden, 1968: 51) (Ochodaeus)
Canada; USA: Rockies.
    Xenochodaeus musculus (Say, 1835: 178) (Ochodaeus) Eastern US and southeastern Canada.
    Xenochodaeus planifrons (Schaeffer, 1906: 269) (Ochodaeus) Southwestern USA; Mexico.
    Xenochodaeus simplex (LeConte, 1854: 222) (Ochodaeus) Canada. USA: High Plains to southwest.
    Xenochodaeus ulkei (Horn, 1876: 182) (Ochodaeus) Northwest USA; Canada: BC.



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