LichnantheBurmeister, 1844:26 [gender: feminine] 
     Dasydera LeConte, 1861:345 (junior synonym)
Distribution: North America

Lichnanthe albipilosa Carlson, 1980:189 (valid name)
Lichnanthe apina Carlson, 1980:193-195 (valid name)

Lichnanthe brachyselis Carlson, 1980:196 (valid name)
Lichnanthe cooperi (Horn, 1867) (valid name)
 Dasydera cooperi Horn, 1867:164 (original combination)
Lichnanthe defuncta (Wickham, 1910) (valid name)

    Amphicoma defuncta Wickham, 1910:49 (original combination)
Lichnanthe lupina LeConte, 1856:288 (valid name)
Lichnanthe rathvoni (LeConte, 1863) (valid name)

    Dasydera rathvoni LeConte, 1863:76 (original combination)
    Lichnanthe canina Horn, 1867:164 (junior synonym)     Lichnanthe edwardsi Horn, 1870:77 (junior synonym)
Lichnanthe ursina (LeConte, 1861) (valid name)     Dasydera ursina LeConte 1861:345 (original combination) *Lichnanthe vulpina (Hentz, 1827) (valid name) (*type species)     Amphicoma vulpina Hentz, 1827:374 (original combination)
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